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"   White people say [“It’s not fair, if white people can’t say n*gger, black people shouldn’t either”]. And yet, why do I never hear: “It’s not fair, if white people make more just because their skin color, shouldn’t Black people receive equal pay too?” “It’s not fair, if men own 99% of the world, shouldn’t women get property too?” “It’s not fair, if Black people get pulled over dwb, shouldn’t white people get pulled over for no reason too?” “It’s not fair, if white people can breath around the cops without getting shot, shouldn’t people of color be able to as well?” I don’t really hear anything along those lines by people who cry it’s not fair that they can’t say a historically scarring word while some black people still use the term. Never heard them say anything like that. So they can kiss ass and shut the fuck up.   "


yo i can’t believe this is still getting circulation. and it’s weird seeing it as a quote because i wrote it as text. hmm… but alas lol. it’s me.

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If a trend was raging in this country that saw case after case of black adult men shooting and killing white teenagers, because they were “scared”, and visualized phantom weapons that never materialized, we’d see a sizable boost in yet another American trend: lynching.

Never mind the for-profit prison industrial complex, the systematic distortion of world history, the “war on drugs”, war on the impoverished, and the many complex and simple factors that leave us with so much to learn and repair.

Please excuse any mistakes I may have made today. This was just an unfiltered spontaneous reaction, because I felt threatened.

Jesse Williams, On the murder of Jordan Davis          (via negressive)